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Papermill Tours

$25 / person   space is limited, register in advance
Green Bay Packaging and Sustana Fiber Papermills

12:30 - 5:30 pm, Wednesday, February 23.    Event includes touring both of these sites.


Both Green Bay Packaging and Sustana Fiber call Green Bay home!  

Green Bay Packaging is a privately-owned, vertically-integrated manufacturing company that produces corrugated shipping containers.  In March 2021, Green Bay Packaging started up the first paper mill to be built in Wisconsin in over 35 years.  This facility utilizes 100% recycled paper for its raw material.  This state-of-the-art complex sets the standard for safety and automation, environmental sustainability, world-class quality, and energy efficiency.

Sustana Fiber utilizes circular value chain fiber recovery meaning their production operations follow proprietary processes to manufacture premium sustainable recycled fiber from recycled paper content.  Products are used to make printing and commercial papers, tissue paper, and packaging, including food-grade packaging products. Their mills have a longstanding commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This includes energy efficiency, water conservation, advanced wastewater treatment technology, and reuse of by-products.

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