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Field Trip 2023

2023 WIRMC Tour

$25 / person   this event has limited seats  SOLD OUT!
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Brown County South Landfill and BC Organics

12:15 - 4:30 pm, Wednesday, February 22.    Event includes touring both of these sites.

*Note that the BC Organics tour requires walking and includes some outside time*


Meet at 12:15 on the Adams St side of the KI Convention Center on 2/22

BC Organics is the newest project to be built, owned, and operated by Dynamic Renewables. The Facility will be the first-of-its-kind commercial biorefinery facility that the State of Wisconsin awarded a grant to develop in Greenleaf, Wisconsin. The Facility provides farms with a more sustainable manure management practice. BC Organics will utilize 16 digesters, running 24/7, to produce renewable natural gas (RNG), fiber bedding, and clean water. The RNG produced will be injected into the interstate pipeline and used to create compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles, resulting in decreased dependency on fossil fuels. Overall, this project will provide long-term sustainability to these farms. This project is an opportunity to offer more excellent stability for the future. This project will reduce the negative impact of farming on the environment and community and assist them in protecting natural resources.  This tour is given by Karl Crave, with EVP Special Projects and Dynamic Renewables. 

The Brown County South Landfill was the first greenfield landfill constructed in NE WI since the mid 1990’s. 

Learn how the Brown County team navigated a 20 year old Plan of Operation approval & Host Community Agreement, constructed a 25 acre landfill cell with associated building & utility infrastructure in 8 months, planned to accept 400,000 tons/year into the Brown County South Landfill as part of the Brown/Outagamie/Winnebago partnership and hired & trained equipment operators in a challenging operation and hiring environment.  


Additionally, Brown County staff will provide insight into what metrics were used to evaluate equipment for maximum compaction, minimization of fuel & serviceability of equipment.  With the team at BC, all tasks were completed on time and within budget.  This tour is given by Chad Doverspike, Assistant Director of Brown County Port & Resource Recovery, and Ben Hintz, Landfill Manager.

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