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The  Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management Conference is hosting an online expo hall using Remo, an online platform designed for virtual events. Connect with leading businesses in the industry and learn the latest innovations and technologies. 

Confirmed Exhibitors 2021

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We will be using Remo for our virtual Exhibit Hall. 
CLICK HERE to learn more.
You will still be able to interact with attendees in real-time
during our exclusive Exhibit Hall hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2:00 - 3:00PM (CST) during the conference week 

  • Attendees visit your booth by clicking on your designated "table" (see sample image, below).
    With just a click they will join you and others at your table/booth for live, virtual conversations!

  • You can continue to network with WIRMC attendees, but without the travel time and expense! 
  • But some things won't change!  Continue to give a brief overview of your products or services to whoever stops by;  Show a short repeating video when you share your screen;  or, Use your physical background to show new products or set up your traditional display as a backdrop. 
    Either way, you get to connect with current and potential customers in real time, in casual conversations, with real faces and smiles. 

  • Continue to use promotions to draw people to your booth.  Gift cards can be great prizes that are easily mailed to the winner. 
  • Our booths will allow up to 6 people at one time (not 4, as seen in image below).
  • Attendees can move easily between booths as long as there is a 'empty' seat available. 
    Everyone can easily identify "who is where" by looking at each attendee's thumbprint-photo and posted name above.

  • Watch our tutorial for more details - Click Here. 



Remo Networking Tables.JPG
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